Monday 13 December 2010

The glass is half full this week...

I am feeling very optimistic after my special lil boys physio assessment. It went really well, lil boy played and did everything the PT wanted him to do. She agrees that he appears to have hemiplegia affecting his right side, but says in her opinion it is very mild and she thinks he will have little difficulty with most tasks.

She says his muscle tone is on the mild end of high, and explained it by saying his brain is sending too many signals to the muscles on his right side, which is why his right arm often tightens up close to his body, as all the muscles contract. His leg seems less affected than his arm, though she did notice he limps a bit and walks more on his toes with his right leg. She confirmed all the symptoms we have seem over the course of his life point towards congenital hemiplegia.

She also gave us some exercises to do with him, and said that the activities/stretches we have been doing on our own are good. We just need to keep encouraging him to use his right side as much as possible, through play and activities.

I am really hopeful now. She wants to wait and discuss his treatment after we get the results of the MRI, so we wont be seeing her again until February or so.

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