Wednesday 3 November 2010

And here we wait...

Yes, still waiting for a referral. Still. Waiting. Grr.

I did finally receive a copy of the letter that the Paediatric consultant sent to our GP though. So I have his opinion  in black and white.

"Lil Boy seems to have slight weakness of the right arm and leg and probably leg length discrepancy with shortening of the leg on the right side and some muscle wasting. With his clinical history and neurological findings, it is very likely that Lil Boy has congenital hemiplegia. As it will affect his long term motor function and limb growth, he will need further investigations. He will also need long term physiotherapy and occupational therapy."
It is stark, those words in black and white, down in writing, permanent. I get tears in my eyes every time I read it. I am still coming to terms with what this means for our future, hopeful that my special lil boy with astound everyone with his resilience.

As for the hydrocele surgery, he seems to be completely recovered. He has a small scar to remind me of his ordeal every time I change his nappy, but I think it was worth it. His lil boy bits finally look normal, and he shouldn't have to worry about any pain or complications in the future.

I just hope we get a referral soon. I know there will still be plenty of waiting to come even after we have an official diagnosis.

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