Wednesday 20 October 2010

Did someone have surgery?

Yesterday dawned bright and early. We got up at 6, boiled some eggs, woke up the lil boy and tried to get him to eat boiled egg and toast. He was having none of it. He looked at me as if to say "Why on earth did you wake me up so early and start shoving food in my face?" By 7 he had only eaten about half an egg yolk and one bite of toast, so we got him a bottle of milk, which he finished by 7:20, with just 10 minutes to spare.

By 10 lil boy was finally realizing he couldn't have any food, so he had some watered down apple juice to keep him going. We got going by 11, and got to the Children's ward at 11:30, just on time. Well, just in time to start waiting. I told you before I hate waiting, but yesterday was especially bad.

Lil boy was checked over, weighed, etc... he was given a hospital gown that was way too big, and we put it on him with his robe and slippers. We were told that our lil boy was first on the list since he was so young, and we  expected to go up to the operating theatre by about 1:00, but that didn't happen. We found out that the morning session of surgeries had run over so we had to wait on that, plus lil boy had been bumped down to second on the list by a 4 month old baby. So lil boy had a good time playing with his bed and television for a while, as well as walking around the ward getting to know the place.

Finally at around 3:30 we were called up to the theatre floor. After a bit more waiting up there, it was time. That is when the real torture began. I had to hold my special lil boy tightly as they put his IV into his hand. It was heart wrenching. He screamed and tried to pull away. I kept him still and tried to reassure him as best I could. Luckily he had a good vein and they got in in the first try. He calmed down a bit after it was in, then thy gave him the sedative, and he slumped almost instantly. They had me quickly lay him on the bed and then I was rushed out of the room. I started crying then. It was the hardest part of the day.

The surgery went very quickly, no complications, and he was out in recovery by quarter past 4. He was very uncomfortable, and was a bit upset with me for about half an hour, but he soon got over it. About an hour after his surgery he ate his dinner, and by 6:30 he was up walking around, back to his normal cheerful self. I was amazed and grateful that he coped so well.

I am so glad it is over, my lil boy is healing well and playing like nothing happened. He occasionally seems a bit uncomfortable, but it is barely noticeable. We have been giving him pain killers every six hours for the first 24 hours just in case. I don't think he will need it at all after that. I think this whole ordeal has left me more exhausted than him!

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